Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Accelerated Science Override Procedure

If you did not meet the requirements for an accelerated science, you have two paths

1. Next year in Level 2 try the "thought questions" (optional for L2, required for L3) and take the extra application part of their unit tests.  If you do well, then you and the teacher will know that the Accelerated class would better fit your needs, and they will move you up at any point during that year.

2. If you wish to instead override your science teacher's recommendation, you must (1)have a parent contact the teacher to have a email or phone conversation about your progress and reason behind the recommendation (that the requirement for 3 enrichment assignments at a score of 3 was not met).  
(2) You, the student, needs to write a personal statement explaining why level 3 is a better fit for your learning, despite your performance on the enrichments, and your plan if you do not meet expectations next year, and
 (3) you need to develop a portfolio of work showing your ability to think deeply on application questions with little repetition during the school year.   In your personal statement, please  reference and explain the works that your included in your portfolio as evidence.
When those items are submitted to your teacher, the department head, Mr. Longnecker will be notified and you will be contacted to set up a meeting with you and your parents.  All meetings must be scheduled to occur prior to May 18th.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Creature Feature Stations

Information on the Creatures can be found on the link above

Monday, September 4, 2017

Family Homework


We will be studying ecology (the study of the environment) until Thanksgiving.
Some highlights of this unit:

Creature Feature Stations: (9/11/17-9/15/17) Students, if able, will bring in amphibians, reptiles, freshwater fish, and insects native to Massachusetts.  Creatures should be in secure containers with ability to breathe in habitats similar to how they were found.  Students can also bring in or send pictures of birds and mammals native to Massachusetts.  Students will sketch and study basic structures characteristic to each group and adaptations of particular species in station format.

Creature Feature Project: Due Wed Oct 4
Students will research, write and build a representation of an adaptation of an animal in Massachusetts.  The model should not focus on the appearance of the animal, but rather the functionality of the adaptation.

Site Study
Students, in groups, will be going outside for a week to identify and quantify life in the forest in the front of the school and communicate their findings to the public.  Students should dress appropriately for the weather.  We will be going out unless there is a downpour or lightning.  

Students will work cooperatively in groups to solve a mystery at a virtual Massachusetts pond.  Students will gather population and observational data to create concept maps to present to their classmate about their claims.

Students will learn about unique relationships using hand signals.